Small Town Social: Let’s Talk Facebook


You may have heard a few complaints about the recent changes Facebook has made. Have no fear because there are still several reasons you should be using Facebook. Check out the top five reasons why others are still using Facebook. #1. It Still Works If you can break the algorithm that Facebook puts in place, […]

Save Money At the Jersey Shore: Moreys Piers


Who loves spending a day at the amusement park? The only downfall to a great day at the amusement park is an empty wallet. Going to any sort of amusement park can really cost you a lot of money, unless you plan out how you can save money. There are some small things you can […]

Social Sundays: Social Media Advice for Small Towns and Small Business


7 reasons to try Twitter People ask me often “why twitter?” I do not know your customer base but for me twitter has opened so many doors for my brand. I am not going to say Twitter is easy. It is not. I will say I have gained priceless relationships on this social media platform. […]